From the recording Love Will Lead the Way

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I keep rolling my lucky number
What’s that about?
This just might be a life of splendor
But I have my doubts

I can’t say exactly why I keep waiting on doomsday
Through all these uncertain times love will lead the way

I put one foot in front of the other
And not in my mouth
At times I trip, off and on I blunder
But it all works out

I’m following my northern star, but at times i’m pulled astray
Through all matters of the heart love will lead the way.

I’m gonna take it all in stride
Riding with the ebb and flow
Flying blind into the great unknown

I walk this world in wonder
And take in the view
It’s better here than from six feet under
That much is true

And in due time when worlds collide we’ll float off into space
I’m not quite sure how that applies to what is happening here today
Through all phases of this life, love will lead, I’m gonna let love lead, love will lead the way